We are launching two Community Impact “Proofs of Concept” in 2021.

Two sites have been identified and engaged to pioneer our ECD investment model. Here, our training partner, the Indaba Institute, will work closely with leading Community-Based Organisations to deliver teacher training, implement and manage infrastructure upgrades, and support, and conduct a research program tracking the transformative, long-term impact.

Our community investment methodology will cover funding, teacher training, community partnerships, research, communications, advocacy, and sustainable growth.


A historic “Social Investment Seal” in the South African wine industry.

This “Social Investment Seal” (SIS) will be initiated in the South African wine industry and will serve as a public badge of social commitment, proudly displayed on South African wine industry products. The Seal will serve as proof that a wine industry partner has formally invested in a high-quality, Educateurs sans Frontiers (EsF)-endorsed, Early Childhood Development initiative which includes teacher training, curricula, infrastructure, equipment, alumni and social support in their respective region.

Of vital importance is the adherence to strict, prescribed standards, verified by an independent accreditation authority.

Together, this historic social compact – between industry and education – will enable empowered communities to positively shape their own futures.

The Earth Stewardship Curriculum

Using the most current Association Montessori International (AMI) curriculum and a team of leading permaculture design and programming specialists, we will embark on a twelve-month research and development program to fuse and blend these two brilliantly synergized pedagogies, to enable trained teachers to infuse and inspire an earth stewardship mindset within young children.

Our findings show that there is no shortage of information available, but educators need to be supported by processes that build their curiosity and confidence to guide children. We will use existing material, create new material and develop a world-class, process-oriented environmental and edible curriculum and make it available to all educators using themes central to the Montessori method of education, guided by Permaculture principles.

The Community Shapers Program

The Indaba Foundation aims to support the training of the next generation of educators within the Cape Winelands to dynamically lead a new era of early childhood development, to improve the life trajectory of the youngest, most vulnerable children through early childhood education. We equip such educators with knowledge and skills that empower them to meet the needs of the children in their communities and help shape the development and future of their community.

We are supporting trained teachers who can serve as role models, represent the ideals of their community, who are not satisfied with the status quo, and who have the passion and courage to help shape the future.

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