“Those seeking to reduce deficits and strengthen the economy should make significant investments in early childhood education.” – 

James Heckman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate.

We’re reimagining education for South Africa’s most vulnerable children. We invest in world-class Montessori-based teacher training to implement our world-standard “Cambridge of Early Childhood Development” investment model. We do this by mobilizing a vibrant ecosystem that combines high-quality teacher training, innovative Proof of Concept initiatives, globally-relevant research programs, and a world-first “Social Sustainability Seal.”

Our work focuses explicitly on one of the world’s great social Petri-dishes; the South African wine industry’s footprint within the Cape Winelands. This region has a legacy of inequalities; disenfranchised youth, racial segregation, the world’s highest GINI coefficient, and approximately 50% of children below the age of five are affected by abject poverty. The region itself also deals with the highest prevalence rates of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) worldwide. All of these challenges act as significant barriers to children’s development and hinders their ability to grow into self-sufficient and productive adults capable of contributing to society.

We invest in upstream solutions for future generations while we continue to address today’s problems. Early investment in the education of children produces the greatest return to society through the individuals increased social and economic productivity, societal contribution, environmental awareness, and individualized empowerment.

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