Community Rooted Education (CoRE) Program

The Community Rooted Education (CoRE) program is a holistic approach to education that addresses the specific needs and challenges of communities. Through CoRE, we empower women and communities by providing relevant, context-specific education, skills training, and support networks that contribute to sustainable development and social transformation. CoRE represents a bottom-up approach to education and development, prioritizing the empowerment and well-being of communities. Grounded in Montessori theoretical principles, CoRE is interwoven with practical guidance, enabling women to create supportive environments for children. The program emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the child, the adult, and the environment. The CoRE program consists of 7 modules, each designed to address different aspects of early childhood education and community empowerment. It is envisaged that IF profound investment is made into fundamentally empowering women via the CoRE training program THEN these women will:

  • Be equipped to run high-quality sustainable ECD learning environments
  • Equip children with the cognitive, social, and emotional skills to thrive in school and beyond
  • Become empowered changemakers in their communities
  • Achieve socio-economic empowerment through the growth and sustainability of their ECD centers

The Indaba Foundation is scaling CoRE in South Africa and globally over the next 8 years. We invite funders and partners to support this unique and transformational educational paradigm shift. Our vision is to train 30,000 Early Childhood community-based teachers, impacting 1 million children by 2032. This level of change has the potential to impact the economic prosperity of South Africa and beyond.

A historic “Social Investment Seal” in the South African wine industry.

The “Social Investment Seal” (SIS) has been successfully launched within the South African wine industry, serving as a prominent symbol of social commitment proudly featured on products across the sector. This Seal stands as tangible evidence that our wine industry partners have officially invested in high-quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiatives endorsed by Educateurs sans Frontiers (EsF). These initiatives encompass comprehensive teacher training, carefully crafted curricula, infrastructure development, provision of essential equipment, ongoing support for program alumni, and robust social assistance programs tailored to each region.

Crucially, strict adherence to predetermined standards is rigorously upheld, with verification conducted by an independent accreditation authority.

This groundbreaking social compact represents a historic collaboration between industry and education, empowering communities to actively shape their own futures.

The Earth Stewardship Curriculum

Embedded within our CoRE program, the Earth Stewardship curriculum embodies our commitment to environmental education and sustainability. This curriculum, seamlessly integrated into our practitioner training, aligns with the Montessori method and Permaculture principles. It emphasizes responsible utilization of vital resources, nurturing future generations as stewards of our planet. Implemented over five intensive days, it fosters transformative experiences for participants, combining foundational learning with practical insights. Our trauma-informed approach ensures holistic development for educators and children alike. Through action-oriented learning, we empower educators to integrate environmental stewardship into daily practices, fostering sustained community engagement. Leveraging the latest AMI curriculum and a team of permaculture specialists, we’ve already fused these pedagogies, empowering teachers to instill an earth stewardship mindset in children. Our aim is to create a world-class curriculum accessible to all educators,  fostering curiosity and confidence in guiding children toward a sustainable future.

The Community Shapers Program

The Indaba Foundation aims to support the training of the next generation of educators within South Africa to dynamically lead a new era of early childhood development, to improve the life trajectory of the youngest, most vulnerable children through early childhood education. We equip such educators with knowledge and skills that empower them to meet the needs of the children in their communities and help shape the development and future of their community.

We are supporting trained teachers who can serve as role models, represent the ideals of their community, who are not satisfied with the status quo, and who have the passion and courage to help shape the future.

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